Introducing: David Maxim Micic

For long term readers of my music blog, you might remember I introduced you to an upcoming female-fronted djent band called Destiny Potato about two years ago. Since then the Serbian progressive band have gone on to release their debut full length album, LUN, last year, but haven’t really broken through to mainstream attention as of yet. However, there is a success story to come from the Potato camp and that is the emergence of their guitarist’s solo career.

As well as being an accomplished guitar player, David Maxim Micic is also musically fluent on the keyboard and is trained very highly in composition, graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Micic is yet to release a full length album, instead he opts to release his creations via a series of EPs. His fifth and latest EP, entitled ECO, was released yesterday (16/08/15) and once again it infuses his progressive ambitions with his virtuoso abilities, in easily digestible, yet impressive compositions.

ECO is the second half of a small series entitled Ego & Eco, which follows on from the Bilo series he began in 2011, which has so far accrued three efforts. ECO, however, is a notably more relaxed effort, letting gentle melodies flow from his strings and keys, such as the hypnotising and unconventional notes of 500 Seconds Before Sunset and the beautiful, orchestrated intro piece Universe In A Crayon.

Three of ECO‘s six tracks (Satellite, The Flock, Stardust) also feature guest vocalists and although they are not particularly needed, they do provide another vertex of intrigue to Micic’s music. All three performances are well considered and are careful not to detract from the musical foundation, but it’s Miyoki’s emotionally powerful vocals on top of the heavily percussive Stardust that rises to the top.

Contrast this album with EGO, which was released last month and you find a big difference. EGO was intentionally heavier and more guitar-focused, coming through four longer and more progressive songs.

His Bilo efforts are also worthy of your time. Which each successive EP his ambition and skills developed, culminating in Bilo 3.0 which was the first of his EPs to truly grab my attention back in late 2013. The Bilo series amalgamate the styles portrayed within the EGO & ECO records, combining the beautiful melodies of ECO with the djent work of EGO. However, don’t let the djent style put you off, because underneath (and most of the times on top of) the poly-rhythms and twanging strings lies a superb musical display, that at times, is simply breathtaking.

To discover more of his superb music please visit his bandcamp:

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