Album Preview: Lindemann

Rammstein’s vocalist, Till Lindemann, has never been one for subtlety, with his profane lyrics, bizarre onstage antics and larger than life appearance, so his first solo outing was never going to be a quiet release. His solo project, simply titled Lindemann, sees the German pair up with they very like-minded multi-instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren (of Hypocrisy and PAIN) and their first effort, entitled Skills in Pills, is due to be released in late June.

Last week the first glimpse of the band’s debut effort was released, in the form of single Praise Abort. The song has an accompanying music video, which straight from the off shows that the band means business and aren’t afraid to be as weird and profane as they possibly can be.

Musically the track is based around an industrial keyboard riff accompanied by a mechanical drum beat, which is a direct marriage of the both Lindemann’s and Tagtgren’s usual styles. Whilst the band’s sound isn’t particularly surprising, it is unusual to hear Lindemann singing exclusively in English. However, this is where the problems begin.

Although the subject matter is as weird as many of Rammstein’s tracks are, when Lindemann pens these songs in German his poetry is usually much cleverer and any oddities are disguised to foreign listeners, however, when he writes in English his wit seems to become diminished, a trend that began with the Rammstein tracks Amerika and Pussy.

That being said, it isn’t all bad news, there is still some humour within Praise Abort and the industrial foundation of the track is a promising sign. The chorus, although a little overdone, is also a positive and stays in your head well after the pig-filled video stops.

Whether or not the rest of the album follows this blueprint is, as of yet, unknown. If the music is this good throughout and his lyrics don’t become too pointlessly crude (which might be a big ask with announced track titles such as Ladyboy and Golden Shower) then Lindemann could be something special. However if the pair are just resorting to cliche shock tactics then Skills In Pills may be better off forgotten. Here’s hoping for the former.

Impression: 6/10

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– James


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