The Beginning of the End?

In a week where Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann announced his first solo project, and Emigrate’s second album Silent So Long (and consequently their debut too) has been heavily played on my stereo, it seemed only natural to write about what the future might hold for the unusually quiet German metal band.

Rammstein’s last studio album, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, came out in October 2009 and since then they have spent most of their time touring their explicit, pyro-centric and almost carnival-like live show. The first new music to appear from any of the members since then was Emigrate’s second album Silent So Long, which was released just last month. Is this increase in activity from side projects just part of the natural album cycle that is becoming increasingly popular with larger bands, or something more potent; perhaps even the beginning of the end for Rammstein?

It would certainly be a shame if it was.

Rammstein grew from the height of industrial metal in the early nineties and have probably been the greatest success story from the scene (with the exception of Nine Inch Nails), outlasting many of their contemporaries and evolving just enough to maintain relevant, without sacrificing their unique brand (and it really is a brand) of metal. Their first, and only, significant slip came with 2005’s Rosenrot, which although was a solid album, failed to make the same impact as predecessors Reise, Reise and Mutter, perhaps stemming from it beginning life as a Reise, Reise Volume 2. This was subsequently corrected with the release of the monolithic Liebe Est Für Alle Da, which was their darkest and heaviest effort to date.

With the announcement that Till Lindemann has formed a self-titled side project with Swedish producer Peter Tagtgren (also of Hypocrisy and Pain) it now leaves the two most prominent members of the band busy with other projects for the near-future. It therefore seems unlikely that the band will get back together this year, pushing the earliest possible release date for a new album back to mid-late 2016s, maybe even 2017.

However with the release of a best-of collection in 2011, entitled Made in Germany 1995-2011, and a sister collection for their music videos, combined with this increased side project activity, is it likely the band will reunite at all? In an interview with Metal Hammer (see below) guitarist, and Emigrate frontman, Richard Kruspe stated that the band meet up once a year to discuss their future and when they meet again in 2015 they will decide whether to regroup or to continue doing their separate pursuits. It seems there is still desire to do something within the band, but like many of the bigger bands these days, the repeated album cycle does not seen to excite the members anymore.

There are reports suggesting that one of the reasons Metallica are not rushing to complete a new record is because of the unprofitable nature of the album creation process, which makes their continual touring a logical business decision. Maybe Rammstein have reached the same stage of their career; when they too can rely on their back catalogue and infamous live show to avoid entering the studio as regularly as smaller bands must.

Whatever Rammstein end up doing, 2015 looks to be a crucial year in their history, not only because it marks their twentieth birthday.

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– James


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