Velvet Revolver 2.0

Velvet Revolver is a band whose name you probably haven’t heard for a while. That is because a staggering six years have passed since Scott Weiland left the band, but finally, last week the band’s status, and more importantly their lack of singer, was addressed by bassist Duff McKagan. In a recent interview, when asked about the band’s future, McKagan stated he wouldn’t object to taking over the vocal duties himself, so in today’s blog I review a list of potential Weiland replacements.

Duff McKagan

McKagan’s side project Loaded has recently gained popularity, but the band actually formed back in 1999. Perhaps the reason for this increase in acclaim is the egotistical rebranding of the band to Duff McKagan’s Loaded, reflecting the fact that McKagan actually takes charge vocally. The obvious advantage for a McKagan fronted VR is that he is already a member. However, McKagan’s punk-based voice is vastly different from Weiland’s grunge-tinged wail and their back catalogue could prove tricky for McKagan to master.

Verdict: A poor choice, but the easiest one to make.

Chester Bennington

Bennington has already semi-successfully replaced Weiland in his original band Stone Temple Pilots (their first EP was half decent, but was confused in direction) and what’s to stop him taking the helm at VR HQ? Bennington is an extremely strong singer and incredibly versatile, however his recent live performances have shown a notable decrease in quality. It is also unlikely that Bennington would want to take Weiland’s place in both of his major bands.

Verdict: Unlikely

Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor has auditioned extensively with the band and it is rumoured several tracks were even recorded. This shows they definitely worked well together, but Taylor already has enough projects and collaborations to keep himself busy, so taking on a third major band would require a level of effort that even Steven Wilson would shy away from.

Verdict: Possible – as long as Slipknot is out of the way

Franky Perez

Perez is a long time friend and collaborator within the VR circle. He has played in Slash’s solo live band, recorded songs with VR’s rhythm guitarist Dave Kushner under the name DKFXP and has also formed the band Carnival of Dogs with VR drummer Matt Sorum. Not only is Perez a known quantity, but his voice also suits Velvet’s Revolver’s sound, which makes him a very likely option.

Verdict: Very Likely

Myles Kennedy

It’s no secret that Slash views Myles Kennedy as the new, less obnoxious, Axl Rose. Slash first collaborated with Kennedy on his first solo record, entitled Slash, before they embarked on a world tour together. For Slash’s second solo album, Apocalyptic Love, he dropped the revolving door of guest vocalists and instead opted to use only one singer: Kennedy. The pair work extremely well together, but would the duo be happy to transfer their musical relationship across into the world of VR?

Verdict: Likely

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