Who could be the new Slipknot Sticksman?

Earlier this week, Slipknot drummer and founding member Joey Jordison announced his departure from the Iowa-based metal outfit. The split was unexpected, especially since Jordison had announced he had lots of songs ready for their upcoming album, which, as mentioned in last week’s blog, had just started to gain some forward momentum.

For today’s article, I have decided to review who, if anyone, could fill his proverbial shoes.

Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan/Chris Fehn

In 1995 Jordison was invited into the band by bassist Paul Gray and subsequently replaced Crahan as the band’s main drummer, pushing him onto custom percussion, where he was joined later by Chris Fehn. The duo make up a large part of their live show, spending equal amounts of time wrestling and climbing on equipment, as they do bashing their ‘homemade’ drum kits. This aspect would certainly be lost if Crahan was reinstated as their main drummer. The other question revolves around if Crahan and Fehn actually have the skill to live up to Jordison’s intense and technical drumming: Crahan might, Fehn is really a bassist.

For: Keeps the Slipknot ‘family-like’ mentality.

Against: Diminished stage presence and possible doubts in technical ability.

Verdict: Improbable (Crahan) to Virtually Impossible (Fehn)

Roy Mayorga

Roy Mayorga is the current drummer of metal band Stone Sour, which shares both its vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root with Slipknot. He is an incredibly talented, metal-orientated, drummer (he previously played for Soulfly) and as well as having a rapport with the previously mentioned Slipknot band members, he has also performed on bassist Paul Gray’s ‘Behind the Player’ DVD, playing Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ and ‘Surfacing’ flawlessly.

For: He is as close to being in Slipknot as it’s possible to be, without actually being in Slipknot.

Against: The constant blurring of Stone Sour and Slipknot into “The Corey Taylor Show”.

Verdict: Very Likely – almost definite as a touring member.

Dave Lombardo

After being left out of Slayer’s most recent tour and being officially replaced by Paul Bostaph, he has a giant band-shaped whole in his life. Lombardo also understands what it’s like to play as part of a world famous metal act and easily has the ability to replace, if not make an improvement upon Jordison’s drumming.

For: His diary is free.

Against: Lombardo probably doesn’t need the hassle of wearing a mask and being rotated upside-down whilst performing a drum solo.

Verdict: Unlikely.

Mike Portnoy

Since leaving Dream Theater in 2010, he has flitted between numerous musical projects, seemingly starting and ending new musical relationships on a weekly basis. He also filled in for Roy Mayorga for a one-off Stone Sour gig in 2011, whilst Mayorga’s wife was expecting their first child.

For: His need to flirt with every well known musician before he is 50.

Against: His need to flirt with every well known musician before he is 50.

Verdict: Very Unlikely.

Chris Pennie

Chris Pennie is the former drummer of the hectic, mathcore-styled Dillinger Escape Plan, whose techniques are very diverse, taking influences both from jazz and technical metal, which ultimately lead him to playing for Coheed & Cambria during the ‘No World for Tomorrow’ and ‘Year of the Black Rainbow’ album cycles. Although participating in a few small projects, Pennie is currently not held up with any substantial commitments.

For: Talented metal drummer who could be in the market for a new home.

Against: He left Coheed to focus on his smaller projects.

Verdict: The Dark Horse.

Jason Bittner

Bittner is the force behind American metal band Shadows Fall. He joined in 2002 as a permanent replacement for previous sticksman David Germain, who left the band due to alcoholism in 2001. Bittner has also played with Anthrax, filling in for the engaged Charlie Benante in 2006, as well as playing in several other projects and releasing his own series of educational products.

For: Supremely technical drum wizard.

Against: Currently heavily committed to Shadows Fall.

Verdict: Unlikely.

Matthew McDonough

McDonough is the current drummer for Mudvayne and is known for his very unique metal drumming style. Already with hefty experience of drumming in costumes and makeup, and currently without a major project whilst lead singer Chad Gray is busy with his second band Hellyeah, he would fit right in.

For: Makeup. Free time. Fans choice.

Against: Mudvayne would always come first – that is if Chad Gray ever swaps his new ‘redneck and alcohol’ image for his old Mudvayne persona.

Verdict: Very Plausible.

Chris Vrenna

Multi-instrumentalist Vrenna has filled in and played for all the big metal names including Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Jordison’s side project Scar The Martyr, P.O.D., Billy Corgan… oh, and of course he performed additional production duties on Slipknot’s fourth album ‘All Hope Is Gone’.

For: Mr. Replacement with prior Slipknot experience.

Against: Is Vrenna finally ready to settle down?

Verdict: Likely.

Steve ‘Skinny’ Felton

Mushroomhead and Slipknot have had a (mainly) fan-driven rivalry due to their similar nu metal inspirations and masked appearances. Skinny is a founding member of Mushroomhead, who are currently having a quiet period after the hugely disappointing ‘Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children’.

For: The Mushroomhead-Slipknot rivalry.

Against: The Mushroomhead-Slipknot rivalry.

Verdict: 50/50.

There are several other possibilities including ex-Korn drummer David Silvera, Ginger Fish of Marilyn Manson fame, “The Atomic Clock” Gene Hoglan and a not so serious suggestion of Dave Grohl (after all when has he ever declined a new project). If there are any drummers who you feel I have missed, please suggest them in the comments below. Thank you for reading – please leave a like and subscribe to email updates if you have enjoyed this week’s blog. Look out for the best of 2013 coming soon.


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