Grip it

This is the fifth and final part of this weeks series of blogs, where I am reviewing five of the most prominent new songs in rock and metal. If you have missed any of the last four please check them out below.

For the final blog I thought I’d take the chance to introduce a (reasonably) new band called Volto! who released their debut effort ‘Incitare’ on Monday. The reason Volto! are so prominent is because they are a side project of Tool drummer Danny Carey, alongside bassist Lance Morrison and guitarist John Ziegler.

‘Grip it’ was the first track to be released from ‘Incitare’, which is very typical of the album; taking a direction somewhere between progressive rock and jazz fusion. Volto! are a completely instrumental band and with such a busy track it would be hard to find a place where vocals actually added to the song.

The first two minutes of the song rotate around several guitar riffs backed by Danny Carey’s impressive drum patterns. Then the riffs break away, allowing each band member to show off their abilities, starting with a guitar solo that flows into a keyboard section before a very clever drum solo. However, unlike many of their instrumental contemporaries, the solo sections work well within the frame of the song, keeping the listener interested and carrying the track forward.

As a group they have been around for quite along time, although this is their first actual release which showcases just how mature their writing is. The song ‘Grip it’ has been around for at least four years though, since Danny Carey and Brann Dailor (Mastodon drummer) performed a version of it together in 2009. The years of waiting has resulted in ‘Incitare’ being a great listen and bordering on being a prog/jazz masterpiece. I really hope they continue to release new material and become more than just a side project, because their music definitely deserves it.

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