We Are

This is the fourth installment of a five part blog this week, where I am reviewing five of the biggest new songs in rock and metal. If you have missed the last three please check them out beneath.

Karnivool are an Australian progressive metal band, whose sound is most similar to a hybrid of Tool and Tesseract (just imagine that!) Their third album ‘Asymmetry’ was apparently released last Friday, but doesn’t appear to be available in the UK until August 5th (I’m not sure about anywhere else.) Nevertheless, ‘We Are’ is the first song to be released from the album and is a refinement of the sound present on their last album ‘Sound Awake’.

The interplay between bass and guitar is still present, taking inspiration from the djent sound, but stripping it back to a more relaxed state. In the past, some of their songs have become lost in their own epic ambitions, but none of that is present on ‘We Are’, instead the music seems more focused, almost like it knows exactly where it needs to go and actually reaches that goal. This is all the more impressive considering Karnivool are still growing into their prog-boots from their almost nu metal origins on the first album ‘Themata’.

Ian Kenny’s vocals are very distinct, with his Australian accent ever present as they soar above the complex rhythms. Just like Tool’s Maynard Kennan, he uses his voice as an instrument, understanding the power balance between both rhythm and melody. In fact just about everything about Karnivool reminds me of a slightly more accessible Tool and seeing as the latter band have been inactive for several years (waiting for Kennan to stop making wine), they are taking their chance to step into the progressive metal elite.

Along side Dream Theater this could be the biggest progressive release of the year. Now I’ve just got to wait for my copy of ‘Asymmetry’ to arrive.

Recommended Karnivool:

  1. ‘Set Fire to the Hive’ from ‘Sound Awake’
  2. ‘Goliath’ from ‘Sound Awake’
  3. ‘Themata’ from ‘Themata’

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