This is the third of five blogs this week, which are reviewing some of the most prominent new songs from rock and metal. If you missed Tuesday’s review of Placebo’s ‘Too Many Friends’ or yesterday’s look at Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Hail to the King’, please check them out below.

Maybe it’s the summer. Or maybe it’s just a good mood. But I found myself loving, really, honestly loving the new Kings of Leon single. To be fair I have never really given them enough time in the past for them to grow on me. A few views of music videos stochastically flicked across a TV channel isn’t really enough to get a true flavour for a band.

So when the new single ‘Supersoaker’ debuted last week I gave it my undivided attention. The song starts with a lightly overdriven chord sequence, before the bass and drums join, soon followed by the vocal melody played on guitar. I’m so used to the bass being low in the mix that I was taken back at how every twang of Michael Jared Followill’s four string is audible and floats effortless across the song.

Then there are the vocals. Caleb Followill’s vocals are stunning; they are very Thom Yorke-esque (you will have to have several repeat listens to understand the words) but with added grit and delivered with raw power and emotion. Although the same melody and chords are played for the majority of the song, for some reason, it doesn’t get boring, even after your twentieth listen.

‘Supersoaker’ is taken from the upcoming sixth release ‘Mechanical Bull’, which in a very loose sense is reminiscent of the early albums and will undoubtedly be the hit of the summer. If you’re not ready for a day in the sun after listening to this song, then I’m afraid you never will be.

As I have mentioned, I have never been a fan of Kings of Leon through ignorance more than an actual dislike of the music, so when ‘Mechanical Bull’ is released on September 24th I will take it into proper consideration and you should too!

Recommended Kings of Leon:

  1. ‘Radioactive’ from ‘Come Around Sundown’
  2. ‘Cold Desert’ from ‘Only By The Night’
  3. ‘On Call’ from ‘Because of the Times’

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