Too Many Friends

The summer has arrived and with it so has a whole heap of new music. So in an attempt to expose you to this new music, I will be trying something different. Everyday this week I will write a short blog reviewing one of the most prominent new songs in the rock and metal universe.

First up is the new single from Placebo called ‘Too Many Friends’. The song is the first to be released from their seventh album ‘Loud Like Love’, due September 16th and tackles the issue of social media in society. ‘Too Many Friends’ is typical Placebo; flamboyant lyrics, memorable choruses and their characteristic sombre outlook.

The song isn’t flawless though. Take the first few lines of lyrics:

“My computer thinks I’m gay, I threw that piece of junk away, on the Champs-Elysees, as I was walking home. This is my last communique, down the superhighway, all that I have left to say, in a single tome.”

As a fan of the band I am used to the excessive rhyming, unique bombast and the almost charming strangeness. However, I can’t imagine stumbling across this song as a first time listener to Placebo and thinking “Wow.” After I have cringed to ‘My computer thinks I’m gay,” I would have concluded it was a pretty solid rock song. But that’s the problem, it’s just pretty solid and nothing on top. Whilst I am happy with typical Placebo, newer listeners probably won’t be.

‘Loud Like Love’ will most likely carry off from where 2009’s ‘Battle For The Sun’ ended. That album marked a change in the band; the themes of sexualised angst, drugs and depression were mostly eradicated, instead replaced by ideas of relationships and a new found optimism. To many this change was a disappointment, but you have to remember Molko is now 40, a far cry from ‘Nancy Boy’ and can you really blame him for ditching the angst?

Recommended Placebo:

  1. ‘Taste in Men’ from ‘Black Market Music’
  2. ‘Meds’ from ‘Meds’
  3. ‘Pure Morning’ from ‘Without You I’m Nothing’

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