I’m a Potato, are you?

I was idly looking over the line-up poster for this year’s Tech-Fest, mentally splitting bands into ones I would want and ones that I wouldn’t want to see, until my eyes were drawn to the word ‘potato’, which made up part of the band name ‘Destiny Potato’. It may look like a joke band name thought up whilst drunk in the midst of the fruit and vegetable isle , but this name is actually a genius choice because I was intrigued enough to search them in Google.

Tech-Fest is a UK festival dedicated to progressive, math-rock and djent style bands and sure enough Destiny Potato fall into the latter category. Djent is a word initially used by the band Meshuggah to describe their low, percussive, chugging style of guitar playing, until it expanded at the end of the ‘noughties’ (how I hate that term), producing enough bands to be classified as its own genre. Like all past genre-explosions (thrash, nu metal and more recently ’emo’), djent produced a spectrum of talent ranging from the lame copycat attempts, to the experimental front-runners like Tesseract, Animals as Leaders and Periphery.

Destiny Potato bring something that I haven’t heard in djent before (granted I’m not a die-hard djent fan and my aural databanks only scrape the surface), which is the use of a female vocalist. Their debut album is due to be released soon and from the handful of songs I could find online (‘Dark Side of You’ and ‘Love Song’ namely), they sound very experimental and the vocals are powerful and combine a mix of styles. On their Facebook page they call their fans potatoes – in a loving way – and I can honestly say that I have been converted to being a potato too. I’m probably looking forward to their debut album more than I’m looking forward to Tesseract’s second album ‘Altered State’, which is a testament to just how good Destiny Potato could end up becoming.

From the Oceans…

  • It’s not been a good week for metal, as both the As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis and ex-Obituary guitarist Allen West have been arrested in a murder for hire case and producing methamphetamine respectively.
  • Finnish ‘love metal’ band HIM have postponed their North American tour due to singer Ville Valo being diagnosed with asthma and assumed pneumonia. HIM were touring to support the release of their new album ‘Tears on Tape’ and this week premiered the video for the song ‘All Lips Go Blue’.

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