Pure Reason Revolution

The collision between two different genres requires a masterful touch. Mixing the staple ‘electronics’ from the pop world with the guitars from the rock world is perhaps one of the hardest to achieve. However, when it is done correctly the result is very satisfying.

I recently stumbled across a band called Pure Reason Revolution, who not only combine the two, but manage to fuse them together seamlessly. Unfortunately they have now separated, but their last record ‘Hammer and Anvil’ stands as a true benchmark of the electronic-rock hybrid genre. With such a diverse music style, the foundations to be creative and different are well built. Pure Reason Revolution definitely manage this; from the rave-worthy ‘Fight Fire’ to the prog-rock epic ‘Armistice’, the whole album seeps originality.

Nine Inch Nails were always on the metal side of this genre and bands like Pendulum and The Prodigy hugged too tightly onto the electronic scene, but rarely has a band ever stood firmly in the middle. Korn’s latest album ‘The Path of Totality’ tried its best by combining dubstep and metal fairly cohesively, although many of the final cuts get tiresome quickly and reuse past ideas too much. Another example of such a band, is a small, near unheard of, London-based group called Subsource, who hit somewhere between rap, punk and crunching guitars (listen to songs such as ‘Tales from the Doombox’ and ‘The Ides’). In short there are many artists who experiment with electronic aspects of music, but the perfect balance is a hard one to obtain.

There is a fine line between rock and pop (just ask Nickelback), but some of the greatest moments come from when they stop fighting each other for supremacy and fuse together, retaining the best aspects of both. Although these bands are often accused of selling out, it would be interesting to see a group loved equally by both sets of fans. It would have been interesting to see just how big Pure Reason Revolution could have got…


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